Saturday, May 8, 2010

Center Opposite

In today's post we'll go to game 2 to cover a "center opposite" setup as well as another installment of AmMo Moments!

In this clip we'll see Kobe signal for a "center opposite," which will bring Gasol across the lane off a Bynum screen to allow the triangle to be formed when Gasol fills the post:

1) Kobe passes to Fisher
It's here that we see Kobe signal the center opposite.

2) Fisher "lag passes" to Kobe
The lag pass is a guard to guard pass that keys the weakside wing to pop out.  In this case, Artest has already come out to the wing before the ball is swung because the play was called beforehand.  Fisher cuts across the lane to the corner.

3) Kobe makes the N.1 pass to Artest
As Kobe makes this pass, the defense is occupied with Fisher cutting and following the movement of the ball, allowing Gasol to follow behind Fisher in the void left by the defense.  The Jazz switch on Gasol's rub cut off Bynum but Fesenko goes out too far to help on Fisher instead of switching out onto Gasol.

4) N.2 pass to the post
With Fesenko caught off guard, Gasol is able to make a quick catch and shoot turnaround.



  1. I do not understand why Deron chooses to signal a switch on Fisher!? Two other defenders have to slide to a new man, and this mess seems to draw Fesenko out to help cover the corner-three.

    If Deron would just stick close to Fisher, Fesenko wouldnt have any excuse to leave Gasol alone as he cuts to the strong-side post (I wonder if that would ever be the right choice for a defender!?!).