Monday, December 13, 2010

Guard Quickie

Today we will look at one last option that utilizes the UCLA cut setup.

In last week's post we looked at how the weakside wing cutting across the lane tipped off the coming of the lob or lob counter.  There is another option that can be run after that cut called a "guard quickie."

Here is a set play call from the side out of bounds.  Shannon Brown receives the ball from Artest and immediately enters the ball back to Artest in the wing.  Meanwhile, Gasol has come to the elbow to set the UCLA screen and Odom cuts across the lane.  Brown makes the UCLA cut off Gasol, but Artest, instead of making the lob attempt, reverses the ball up top to Fisher.  The Blazers are ready to help on what looks to be a lob play but Brown cuts back to the ball and drains the jumper.

This action where the lead guard comes to the pinch post area after making the UCLA cut is known as a guard quickie.

This time we see the Chicago Bulls face 3/4 court pressure.  Toni Kukoc is the lead guard and he enters the ball into the wing.   Luc Longley comes out to make the UCLA screen as the weakside wing cuts across.  The ball is reversed to Scottie Pippen as Kukoc acquires deep post position.  His defender chooses to front so Scottie places a great lob where only Kukoc can catch the ball.  Toni shoots over the help defenders giving the Bulls a quick hitting shot from the post despite the extended pressure of the Bucks defense.

In this next clip, we'll see how the guard quickie resembles a two pass to the top.

This time Michael Jordan is the lead guard.  He enters the ball into Kukoc while Bill Wennington comes to set the UCLA screen and Dennis Rodman cuts across the lane.  The ball is reversed to the top, resembling a two pass to the top, keying the same two actions:
- Jordan (who executes the guard quickie) to the pinch post
- Kukoc runs a rebound screen cut for Rodman
I'm not sure if the Rockets are aware of who they are letting isolate on the entire left side of the floor while choosing to send no help, but Jordan gladly takes advantage of the Rockets desire to stand around and watch and drills his patented fadeaway.

Again the lead guard is Jordan.  He directs some traffic, then enters the ball into Kukoc.  Brian Williams steps to the high post to make the UCLA screen as Rodman cuts across the lane.  Jordan makes his UCLA cut as the ball is reversed to Stever Kerr up top:
- Kerr enters the ball into Jordan
- Kukoc makes his rebound screen cut.
Kerr immediately speed cuts after his pass leaving his defender a step behind.  Jordan uses his handoff as a screen.  Kerr's defender decides that going under the screen was the best option for defending the all time leader in three point field goal percentage in NBA history, allowing Kerr to receive the ball and shoot in rhythm.

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