Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Free Gift Subscription to mySynergySports Giveaway (Update: Is over!)

Update: Congratulations to Joshua Priemski, winner of the free mySynergySports subscription!  Thank you to everyone who sent in suggestions.

I usually try to keep this blog focused on the triangle (unless there is an AmMo Moment) but today I have a unique opportunity for an exciting giveaway.  Well, exciting if you are a basketball geek.

If you follow me on twitter, you may have come across some of the live game notes that I take:

3rd qtr notes: on Twitpic

These notes are a simplified triangle offense influenced version of the logging work that I do for Synergy Sports.  If you're not familiar with the concept, Synergy Sports is a company that edits, logs, and indexes every play of every basketball game in real time.  Using Synergy, teams can watch a whole game, a single play, or any play type category that they choose (as specific as, "I want to see every Kobe Bryant make when he's isolated on the left side of the floor, drives right, and pulls up for a mid-range jumper when defended by Shane Battier in 2010").  Synergy has been developing a website to be used by the general public at that gives fans access to some of the same video data that scouts, coaches, and GM's get to see.

So, getting past the infomercial part of the post and onto what this means for you!  I've been given a free subscription to mySynergySports by Synergy Sports and I'm giving this subscription away.

How do you enter?  Simple.  Make a comment on this post, write on the Triangle Offense Blog's Facebook wall, tweet me on twitter, or email me at with suggestions and comments for the site.  Is there a particular triangle action you want broken down?  Is there an era of the triangle you want more breakdowns of?  Are you a coach with triangle notes that you'd like to share with others?  Do I need to find a thesaurus and stop using the word instead? Any and all comments are welcome.

- Each comment, wall post, tweet, or email will be considered as an entry for a random drawing.  You may only make one entry per day.   You may comment as much as you like but only your first entry each day will count towards the giveaway.
- The winner will be provided with one free subscription to to be used for themselves or as a gift for someone else.
- Your free subscription to mySynergySports will also give you access to unlimited NBA playoffs video on Synergy’s new scouting reports on the playoff series matchup pages and access to the brand new“Synergy Sports: Inside” interactive views not found on mySynergySports or Synergy’s professional team site.
- The contest will end Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at midnight
- The winner will be revealed on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 as an update to this post.


  1. Great giveaway Joon!

    I'd love to see some of the Triangle adjustments and actions that were used during the Shaq-Kobe threepeat. I've heard the offense was adjusted a bit for the better utilization of the big fella and I find it hard to find good clips of those games outside of a bunch of playoff highlights.


  2. hi, i looking for a breakdown for the triangle against zone.
    They run the same pattern or they make some adjustments


  3. I'd like to see a detailed post about the ideal characteristics of players in the ideal triangle offense. What skills should each player have? Size? Intangibles? Phil Jackson once said that Michael Jordan taught him that adapting the system to the team, rather than the team to the system was key. But in an ideal world, what players do you want?


  4. Phil Jackson talks about the kind of guards that excel in the Triangle Offense. "Guys who play with their heads up so they can see the floor, who aren't interested in hogging the ball and who have multiple skills- Those are the kind of guards I like to have on my side. If their shots aren't falling during a ball game, they can contribute by making intelligent passes, playing defense, rebounding and/or moving without the ball to create space for their teammates to score." Bottom line is that the ideal player at any position in this system is a playmaker, someone who can read the defense and make a play for an open teammate. This is why you do not see any point guards that play in this system in the top 10 in assists because everybody has the ball and the opportunity to make plays, i.e. Gasol at power forward. The real beauty of the Triangle is that if you do not have these kinds of players, the system itself help to develop these attributes. The key is having patience to endure the mistakes and poor decisions in the beginning. This was Jordan's biggest concern when approached about implementing the Triangle. In Phil Jackson's book, Sacred Hoops, Jordan talked about his apprehension, " Well, I think we're going to have trouble when the ball gets to certain people, because they can't pass or make decisions with the ball." Jackson replied," But I think if you give the system a chance, they'll learn to become playmakers. The important thing is to let everybody touch the ball, so they won't feel like spectators. You can't beat good defensive teams with one man, It's got to be a team effort." I can attest to this even on the high school level. The system will help develop your players so that they can think on their feet and are not dependent on a "play" to be able to function. This is invaluable in the playoffs at any level, because the scouting becomes so thorough. The Triangle is virtually impossible to scout against because the play is dictated by the defense. As Phil Jackson states," Executed properly, the system is virtually unstoppable because there are no set plays and the defense can't predict what's going to happen next. If the defense tries to prevent one move, the players will adjust instinctively and start another series of cuts and passes that often lead to a better shot."

    Steve Fitzgerald
    Boys Varsity Basketball
    Coral Springs Christian Academy

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