Monday, November 22, 2010

Guard Dribble Series of Options

Last week we looked at the N.2 pass to the corner.  Today we'll look at a counter against pressure that keys a similar sequence of options.

In this clip of a preseason game against the Nuggets, we see Ty Lawson applying light pressure in the backcourt.  Shannon Brown enters the ball into Barnes in the wing like normal.  Instead of filling the corner to form a triangle, Brown immediately receives a handoff and procedes to fill the corner with the ball.  This keys a sequence known as the "Guard Dribble Series of Options." Even though no N.2 pass was executed, the sequence of actions keyed once the ball entered into the corner remain similar to a two pass to the corner:
- Wing position banana cuts
- Post man screens for man in the corner
Theo Ratliff's defender moves to show on Brown but no one rotates to help on the rolling Ratliff leaving him open for the easy dunk.

In the same preseason game, we see light halfcourt pressure once again, so the Lakers execute the guard dribble series.  This keys the banana cut and side screen but the Nuggets do a good job of keeping Fisher in the corner.  Instead of using the screen, the Lakers players simply move to the open positions and form a triangle.  The Nuggets are still shifted over to stop the side pick and roll so the N.2 pass to the top is available, keying two actions:
- Rebound screen cut
- Normally, the weakside wing would move to the pinch post, but Barnes chooses to stay out in the perimeter and launches a hurried three as the clock winds down.

This time we'll take a look at an October game against the Warriors:

Again we see the handoff, keying the banana cut, but no one is in the post so Kobe comes across to fill it.  Fisher enters the ball into the wing, initiating the triangle.  Biedrins is denying the pass to the post so Pau makes the N.2 pass to the top.  Because Kobe has already acquired such deep position, Pau forgoes the rebound screen cut and Ron moves out to the perimeter to form a Solo between Kobe and Artest.  Kobe takes advantage of his mismatch against Ellis and banks home the layup.

In the last post, we saw that the ball could be entered into the post from a N.2 pass to the corner.  In the next clip we will see the same is true of the guard dribble series:

Again we see light pressure being applied, this time by the Blazers.  The Lakers execute the handoff and Artest banana cuts.  Just like in the last clip, Odom comes across the lane to fill the post.  Rather than entering the ball into the wing, Blake directly feeds Odom in the post, keying two actions:

- Blake speedcuts the baseline
- Brown action zone speed cuts and then screens for Artest
(the N.2 pass to the post also should also key Barnes to fan away to the garden spot, then work back over to the ball but he's not captured in the frame of this clip)

Odom faces up and looks to take Camby off the dribble.  Camby leaves his hands down to play the drive so Odom quickly pulls up for the step back jumper.

This clip describes the guard dribble handoff sequence as a UCLA style cut.  The Lakers' staff often talks about how other offenses can be run in the format of the triangle.  When the post man comes up to screen for the banana cut, it's very much like a UCLA style screen and cut.  Next week, we'll take a look at another triangle pressure counter that's influenced by the UCLA cut.


  1. Great Posts! I coach Sr. Boys basketball in Vancouver and run the triangle. I am using your clips to show the different options and it really helps! Keep them coming! Can you include the Lakers fast break, where the weak side wing and 4 Man interchange?

  2. Very interesting breakdown! I am trying to implement the triangle offense into my team as well, and this site is great. I would like to see an example of the Lakers fast break as well.

  3. Always happy to hear that my little blog can help actual teams!

    I'll keep my eye out for that exchange and I will upload the clips to YouTube if I find a good example.

    I'll eventually get to the fast break in the context of the Triangle so please bear with my slow paced posting!

  4. The handoff corner is actually the "Guard Dribble Series"

  5. Thanks Steve. I've updated this post to reflect the correct nomenclature.