Monday, November 15, 2010

N.2 pass to the corner

In this post we will look at the final N.2 pass, the N.2 pass to the corner.

1. Shannon Brown makes "strong side entry" into Odom in the wing then fills the strong side corner.
The Grizzlies are playing off of Odom to deny the post and Blake is staying up high at defensive balance. Barnes sees the void in the defense and looks to initiate a backdoor step.

2. N.2 pass to the corner:
Odom chooses to pass to Brown who has just filled the corner.

This N.2 pass keys 2 actions:
- The man at the key wing spot will make a "banana cut" to the basket as the post man comes up to the free throw line to create more space for the wing man to cut baseline

- Right after the wing man cuts, the post man looks to screen the man with the ball in the corner for a side pick and roll.

From here a weakside triangle can be formed in a number of ways (in this clip, Barnes chooses to stay out in the perimeter instead of screening for Odom, allowing a bigger Odom to have the post position).

Instead of reinitiating the offense, Brown chooses for another pick and roll sequence and pulls up for the jumper.

The N.2 pass corner will often allow for a quick hitting three:

Here we see the Lakers break the Blazers zone with a lag pass to center opposite to N.2 pass to the corner which pulls Camby away from his comfort zone (protecting the basket) to close out on Blake's three.

In the next clip, Kobe makes a dribble entry into the wing to initiate the offense and form a quick triangle:

- Kobe in the wing
- Fisher in the corner
- Bynum in the post
- Artest at defensive balance
- Pau at weakside wing

Kobe makes the N.2 pass to the corner.  Kobe pulls back because his man denies the banana cut and Bynum's defender stays to guard the basket instead of following Bynum.

Bynum comes over to set the screen for Fisher.  Again, Bynum's man ignores Bynum and makes a poor show on Fisher.  Fisher makes the pass to Bynum in stride for the easy dunk.

The cleared baseline also creates a void for the corner man to follow in the banana cutters wake:

Here we see "strong side entry", "strong side fill."  Artest banana cuts.  Fisher, seeing a direct line to the basket, step fakes towards Gasol's screen then drives the baseline.  Roy leaves Artest to help on Fisher's drive leaving the defense confused about their rotations.  Before the defense properly resets, Kobe makes his move and pulls up for an easy 2.

The pass to the corner can also be used to create a better passing angle to the post:

Here we see a lag pass to center opposite for Artest to fill the post.  Artest has acquired deep position but can't quite shape up along the line of deployment so Kobe passes to Fisher in the corner to create an easier entry angle.

Fisher then screens to free up Kobe, the defense denies the pass to Kobe.  Ron passes to the open Fisher and looks for a repost but Fisher fires the catch and shoot three.  Ron uses his newly acquired positioning to go up for the putback.

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